Question: Grocery Corporation received 300 328 for 11 percent bonds issued

Grocery Corporation received $ 300,328 for 11 percent bonds issued on January 1, 2015, at a market interest rate of 8 percent. The bonds had a total face value of $ 250,000, stated that interest would be paid each December 31, and stated that they mature in 10 years.
Complete the following table for each account by indicating (a) whether it is reported on the Balance Sheet (B/ S) the Balance Sheet (B/S) or Income Statement (I/ S); (b) the dollar amount by which the account increases (+), decreases (–), or does not change (0) when Grocery Corporation issued the bonds; and (c) the direction of change in the account [ increase (+), decrease (–), or no change (0)] when Grocery Corporation records the interest payment on December 31.

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