Question: Groupon an online Web site offers its subscribers at least

Groupon, an online Web site, offers its subscribers at least one special deal per day to local businesses in their cities such as places to eat, health-related activities (spas or fitness centers), places to see (museums), a variety of activities such as golfing or sky diving, or other specials (such as a Gap Groupon or a gourmet fruit basket).
Since December 2008, the number of subscribers has increased from 400 to more than 50 million in more than 400 markets, in over 40 countries (Groupon Hits 50m Subscribers, 2011). To date, Groupon claims that more than 30 million Groupons have been sold, saving subscribers nearly $1.3 billion. From a survey of students at one university, it was found that during the past week, the following number and category of Groupons were purchased: 230 (activities); 80 (food); 90 (health-related items), and 50 (other).
a. Graph these purchases with a pie chart.
b. Graph these purchases with a bar chart.

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