Gucci America Inc is a New York corporation headquartered in
Gucci America, Inc., is a New York corporation headquartered in New York City. Gucci manufactures and distributes high- quality luxury goods, including footwear, belts, sunglasses, handbags, and wallets, which are sold worldwide. In connection with its products, Gucci uses twenty- one federally registered trademarks ( trademark law will be discussed in Chapter 8). Gucci also operates a number of boutiques, some of which are located in California.
What If The Facts Were Different?
Suppose that Gucci had not presented evidence that Wang Huoqing had made one actual sale through his Web site to a resident ( the private investigator) of the court’s district. Would the court still have found that it had personal jurisdiction over Wang Huoqing? Why or why not?
THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT DIMENSION it relevant to the analysis of jurisdiction that Gucci America’s principal place of business is in New York rather than California? Explain.

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