Hairston purchased and took delivery of a new car from Haygood Lincoln- Mercury. As he drove home from the Lincoln- Mercury dealership, the left rear wheel came off the car. Because there was no shoulder on the road, he stopped the car in the far right lane. A passing motorist who stopped to help parked his van 20 feet behind Hairston’s car. A flatbed truck, driven by Alexander and owned by the Alexander Tank and Equipment Co., came along and struck the van, knocking it into the rear of Hairston’s automobile. Hairston, who had been standing between his car and the van, was killed. There was conclusive evidence that Alexander was negligent in failing to keep his truck under proper control. Hairston’s wife, Bettye, sued both Haygood and the Alexander Tank and Equipment Co. for damages, alleging that their negligence had caused her husband’s death. Should Hairston’s wife succeed in her lawsuits?

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