Halliwell Manufacturing produces a variety of plastic containers using an extrusion blow moulding process. The following activities are part of Halliwell Manufacturing’s operating process. Classify each activity as unit-level, batch-level, product-level, or facility-level.
1. Each container is cut from the mould once the plastic has cooled and hardened.
2. Patents are obtained for each new type of container mould.
3. Plastic resins are used as the main direct material for the containers.
4. A plant manager oversees the entire manufacturing operation.
5. The sales force incurs travel expenses to attend various trade shows throughout the country to market the containers.
6. Each container product line has a product line manager.
7. The extrusion machine is calibrated for each batch of containers made.
8. Each type of container has its own unique moulds.
9. Routine maintenance is performed on the extrusion machines.

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