Question: Hannah s House of Music wants to purchase TransposeIt a system

Hannah's House of Music wants to purchase TransposeIt, a system that transposes any song in its database and prints sheet music in the requested key. This system allows singers to obtain sheet music in keys that are suitable to their vocal range. The software for the system costs $10,000; a new computer and a laser printer costing $3,500 will be needed to run the system. Hannah estimates that the system will generate additional annual sales revenue of $23,000 and that annual cash expenditures will be $18,115. Hannah uses straight-line depreciation. The software, computer, and printer will have a useful life of five years. The system will have no salvage value at the end of its five-year useful life.

a. Calculate the annual net operating income generated by the system.
b. Calculate the accounting rate of return of the system.

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