Question: Harold Jasmine Caesar and Yuan form Microhard com LLC a limited

Harold, Jasmine, Caesar, and Yuan form, LLC, a limited liability company, to sell computer hardware and software over the Internet., LLC, hires Heather, a recent graduate of the University of Chicago and a brilliant software designer, as an employee. Heather’s job is to design and develop software that will execute a computer command when the computer user thinks of the next command he or she wants to execute on the computer. Using Heather’s research,, LLC, develops the Third Eye software program that does this., LLC, sends Heather to the annual Comdex computer show in Las Vegas, Nevada, to unveil this revolutionary software. Heather goes to Las Vegas, and while there, she rents an automobile to get from the hotel to the computer show and to meet interested buyers at different locations in Las Vegas. While Heather is driving from her hotel to the site of the Comdex computer show, she negligently causes an accident in which she runs over Harold Singer, a pedestrian. Singer, who suffers severe physical injuries, sues, LLC; Heather; Harold; Jasmine; Caesar; and Yuan to recover monetary damages for his injuries. Who is liable?

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