Question: Hart Manufacturing Company is relatively small with approximately 100 employees

Hart Manufacturing Company is relatively small, with approximately 100 employees. The company’s accounting server is run by two individuals. One individual is responsible for the physical operation of the computer. This includes maintaining the company’s data library. At present, the library includes copies of master files for most of the important accounting systems databases, as well as copies of historical reports and documents that are no longer stored on the server. Although the company has plenty of online storage space, the data library keeps copies of the accounting master files and other files on optical disks. The archiving system is primarily batch- oriented, and updates are run only once a month. Currently, the library is adjacent to the room that houses the accounting server and can be entered either through the server room or via another outside door. Because this individual is very busy, most employees enter the library room and log optical disks in and out as needed.

Given the limited resources of this company, discuss an appropriate security system for the data library.

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