Question: Having determined the cost per student for each of the

Having determined the cost per student for each of the classes in the previous problem, you now must carefully manage class registration. Because you pay the same flat rates no matter how many students attend (up to capacity), you want to do all you can to ensure maximum attendance. Your training provider, Hands-On Technology Transfer Inc., requires two weeks’ notice in the event that you need to reschedule a class. You should make sure your classes are at least two-thirds full before this deadline. You should also make sure you send timely reminders to all attendees so that they do not forget to show up. Use the database you created in Problem 1 to perform the following activities:
a. Because the Class Schedule table relates to the Course Table and the Course Table relates to the Pricing Table, why is it appropriate to record the Price per Day information in the Class Schedule table too?
b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the participant’s name and e-mail address in the Class Roster table? What other database design might you use to record this information?

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