Hayesville Company uses a standard cost system and reports the following information for 2016:
3 yards of cloth per unit at $1.05 per yard
2 direct labor hours per unit at $10.25 per hour
Overhead allocated at $4.00 per direct labor hour
2,700 yards of cloth were purchased at $1.10 per yard
Employees worked 1,300 hours and were paid $9.75 per hour
Actual variable overhead was $4,000
Actual fixed overhead was $2,500
Hayesville Company reported the following variances:
Hayesville produced 1,000 units of finished product in 2016. Record the journal entries to record direct materials, direct labor, variable overhead, and fixed overhead, assuming all expenditures were on account and there were no beginning or ending balances in the inventory accounts (all materials purchased were used in production, and all goods produced were sold). Record the journal entries to record the transfer to Finished Goods Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold (omit the journal entry for Sales Revenue). Adjust the Manufacturing Overhead account.

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