Question: Health Rights Hotline published the results of a survey of

Health Rights Hotline published the results of a survey of 2,400 people in Northern California in which consumers were asked to share their complaints about managed care. The number one complaint was denial of care, with 17% of the participating consumers selecting it. Several other complaints were noted, including inappropriate care (14%), customer service (14%), payment disputes (11%), specialty care (10%), delays in getting care (8%), and prescription drugs (7%).
These complaint categories are mutually exclusive. Assume that the results of this survey can be inferred to all managed care consumers. If a managed care consumer is randomly selected, determine the following probabilities:
a. The consumer complains about payment disputes or specialty care.
b. The consumer complains about prescription drugs and customer service.
c. The consumer complains about inappropriate care given that the consumer complains about specialty care.
d. The consumer does not complain about delays in getting care nor does the consumer complain about payment disputes.

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