Question: Heitger Company is a job order costing firm that uses activity based

Heitger Company is a job-order costing firm that uses activity-based costing to apply overhead to jobs. Heitger identified three overhead activities and related drivers. Budgeted information for the year is as follows:
By July 31, Jobs 13-43 and 13-44 were completed and sold. Jobs 13-45 and 13-46 were still in process.
1. Calculate the activity rates for each of the three overhead activities.
2. Prepare job-order cost sheets for each job showing all costs through July 31.
3. Calculate the balance in Work in Process on July 31.
4. Calculate the cost of goods sold for July.
5. What if Job 13-46 required no engineering change orders? What is the new cost of Job 13-46? How would the cost of the other jobs be affected?

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