Question: Helix Company produces costumes used in the television and movie

Helix Company produces costumes used in the television and movie industries. Recently the company received an ongoing order for Samurai robes to be worn in an upcoming Japanese historical action series made for television. The company uses a standard costing system to assist in the control of costs. According to the standards set for these robes, the factory has a denominator activity level of 780 direct labour-hours each month, which should result in the production of 1,950 robes. The standard costs associated with this level of production are as follows:
During April, the factory worked only 760 direct labour-hours and produced 2,000 robes. The following actual costs were recorded during the month:
At standard, each robe should require 2.8 metres of material. All of the materials purchased during the month were used in production.
Compute the following variances for April:
1. The materials price and quantity variances.
2. The labour rate and efficiency variances.
3. The variable manufacturing overhead spending and efficiency variances.
4. The fixed manufacturing overhead budget and volume variances.

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