Question: Henry Powell Inc produces batteries for riding lawn mowers The

Henry Powell Inc. produces batteries for riding lawn mowers. The company provides the batteries to some of the largest manufacturers of riding lawn mowers in the United States. In the last few months, the company has received reports of batteries exploding as a result of high heat. The incidents have all been in southern states and have occurred with only one particular brand and model of lawn mower. In these models, the batteries are installed beneath the seats of the mower. In more than one case, the exploding batteries have resulted in serious injuries. Powell officials are aware of the potential danger, but have been unable to determine the cause of the problem. Some company officials think that the problem may be with the lawn mower and not with the batteries, and internal testing has been inconclusive.

A. In your opinion, what responsibility does the company bear for the potential dangers of the battery?
B. Should company officials try to shift blame to the manufacturer of the lawn mower, as the problems are only with one particular brand of mower?
C. Identify the stakeholders who are impacted by the issue and discuss ethical considerations faced by company officials in this situation.

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