Herb E. Vore is considering investing in a Salad Stop franchise that will require an initial outlay of $100,000. He conducted market research and found that after tax cash flows on this investment should be about $20,000 a year for the next 7 years. The franchiser stated that Herb will generate a 20 percent rate of return. He currently has his money in a mutual fund which has grown at an average annual rate of 10 percent. He tells the franchiser that money has a time value and the actual rate of return according to his calculations is much less than 20 percent.
a) Do you agree with the franchiser or with Herb?
b) What rate of return is the franchiser using and what method did Salad Stop use to calculate it?
c) What rate of return is Herb using and what method did he use?
d) Should Herb make the investment? Explain your answer.

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