Hercules Steel Company produces three grades of steel high good
Hercules Steel Company produces three grades of steel: high, good, and regular grade. Each of these products (grades) has high demand in the market, and Hercules is able to sell as much as it can produce of all three. The furnace operation is a bottleneck in the process and is running at 100% of capacity. Hercules wants to improve steel operation profitability. The variable conversion cost is $ 15 per process hour. The fixed cost is $ 200,000. In addition, the cost analyst was able to determine the following information about the three products:

The furnace operation is part of the total process for each of these three products. Thus, for example, 4.0 of the 12.0 hours required to process High Grade steel are associated with the furnace.

1. Determine the unit contribution margin for each product.
2. Provide an analysis to determine the relative product profitability, assuming that the furnace is abottleneck.
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