Question: Here is a table showing who survived the sinking of

Here is a table showing who survived the sinking of the Titanic based on whether they were crew members or passengers booked in first-, second-, or third-class staterooms.
a) If we draw an individual at random from this table, what’s the probability that we will draw a member of the crew?
b) What’s the probability of randomly selecting a third-class passenger who survived?
c) What’s the probability of a randomly selected passenger surviving, given that the passenger was in a first-class stateroom?
d) If someone’s chances of surviving were the same regard-less of their status on the ship, how many members of the crew would you expect to have lived?
e) State the null and alternative hypotheses we would test here (and the name of the test).
f) Give the degrees of freedom for the test.
g) The chi-square value for the table is 187.8, and the corresponding P-value is barely greater than 0. State your conclusions about the hypotheses.

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