Here is a work breakdown structure for a wedding Use
Here is a work breakdown structure for a wedding. Use the method described in the Snapshot from Practice: The Yellow Sticky Approach to create a network for this project.

Work Breakdown Structure
1. Wedding project
1.1 Decide on date
1.2 Marriage license
1.3 Ceremony
1.3.1 Rent church
1.3.2 Florist
1.3.3 Create/print programs
1.3.4 Hire photographer
1.3.5 Wedding ceremony
1.4 Guests
1.4.1 Develop guest list
1.4.2 Order invitations
1.4.3 Address and mail invitations
1.4.4 Track RSVPs
1.5 Reception
1.5.1 Reserve reception hall
1.5.2 Food and beverage Choose caterer Decide on menu Make final order
1.5.3 Hire band
1.5.4 Decorate reception hall
1.5.5 Wedding reception

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