Question: Here is your chance to be a tycoon Create your

Here is your chance to be a tycoon. Create your own company. You will be the president and chief executive officer. It could be a manufacturer, retailer, or service industry firm, but not a hotel or bank.
Draw an organization chart for your company, similar to the one in Exhibit 12-1. Identify divisions and departments at all levels in the organization. Then prepare a companion chart similar to the one in Exhibit 12-2. This chart should designate the title of the manager of a subunit at each level in the organization. It also should designate the type of responsibility center appropriate for each of these subunits.
Finally, write a letter to your company's stockholders summarizing the major responsibilities of each of the managers you identified in your chart. For guidance, refer to the discussion of Exhibits 12-1 and 12-2 in the chapter. (Have some fun, and be creative.)

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