Question: Hernandez Company began 2010 with a 120 000 balance in retained

Hernandez Company began 2010 with a $120,000 balance in retained earnings. During the year, the following events occurred:
1. The company earned net income of $80,000.
2. A material error in net income from a previous period was corrected. This error correction increased retained earnings by $9,800 after related income taxes of $4,200.
3. Cash dividends totaling $13,000 and stock dividends totaling $17,000 were declared.
4. One thousand shares of callable preferred stock that originally had been issued at $110 per share were recalled and retired at the beginning of 2010 for the call price of $120 per share.
5. Treasury stock (common) was acquired at a cost of $20,000. State law requires a restriction of retained earnings in an equal amount. The company reports its retained earnings restrictions in a note to the financial statements.

1. Prepare a statement of retained earnings for the year ended December 31, 2010.
2. Prepare the note to disclose the restriction of retained earnings.

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