Homestead Jeans Co has an annual plant capacity of 65 000
Homestead Jeans Co. has an annual plant capacity of 65,000 units, and current production is 45,000 units. Monthly fixed costs are $ 54,000, and variable costs are $ 29 per unit. The present selling price is $ 42 per unit. On November 12, 2014, the company received an offer from Dawkins Company for 18,000 units of the product at $ 32 each. Dawkins Company will market the units in a foreign country under its own brand name. The additional business is not expected to affect the domestic selling price or quantity of sales of Homestead Jeans Co.
a. Prepare a differential analysis on whether to reject (Alternative 1) or accept (Alternative 2) the Dawkins order.
b. Briefly explain the reason why accepting this additional business will increase operating income.
c. What is the minimum price per unit that would produce a positive contribution margin?

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