HoShi Electronics’ charter authorized the company to issue an unlimited number of common shares and 250,000 preferred shares. The following transactions occurred during Hoshi’s first year of business:
Mar 10 Issued 3,000 common shares to the firm’s promoters for the work done to set up the corporation. This work has an estimated value of $90,000.
July 21 20,000 shares were issued for cash of $32 per share.
Sep 1 12,000 preferred shares were issued for cash totalling $300,000.
Dec 11 27,000 common shares in total were issued for land, buildings, and equipment with appraised values of $225,000, $450,000, and $270,000 respectively.
1. Prepare journal entries for all the transactions.
2. Prepare the shareholders’ equity section of the balance sheet at December 31, 2014.

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