Houston repeatedly promised his daughter Allyson that he would pay
Houston repeatedly promised his daughter, Allyson, that he would pay one-half of the costs of Allyson attending a private, historically African-American, college or university. Relying on this promise, Allyson applied to and was accepted into Clark Atlanta University. Houston reiterated this promise after Allyson's acceptance and specifically agreed to pay one-half of the costs of her tuition, room, board, books, and other expenses at Clark (less certain scholarship, work study, and grant monies). Allyson relied on this reiterated promise and, forgoing opportunities to apply to and enroll in other colleges or universities of significantly less cost, enrolled in Clark. Houston nevertheless refused to honor his commitment. Allyson sued her father alleging promissory estoppel. Does she have a good case for promissory estoppel?

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