How do customers first hear about a new product? A random sample of 200 users of a new product was surveyed to determine the answer to this question. Other demographic data such as age were also collected. The respondents included 50 people under the age of 21 and 90 people between the ages of 21 and 35; the remainder was over 35 years of age. Of those under 21, 60% heard about the product from a friend, and the remainder saw an advertisement in the local paper.
One-third of the people in the age category from 21 to 35 saw the advertisement in the local paper. The other two-thirds heard about it from a friend. Of those over 35, only 30% heard about it from a friend, while the remainder saw the local newspaper advertisement.
Set up the contingency table for the variables age and method of learning about the product. Is there an association between the consumer's age and the method by which the customer heard about the new product?

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