Question: How does grazing by native herbivores impact grassland

How does grazing by native herbivores impact grassland ecosystems, what are the differences between pastoralist grazers and ranchers? Which is better for the grassland and how do we know this? SOL1UTION Grazing by native herbivores creates a very strong impact on grassland ecosystems because they are responsible for either promoting or depressing plant production which not only have a strong and weak implications on the composition of vegetation but it is also being considered very much important and critical for bringing balance in the grassland ecosystem and at the same time sustaining the desired required production. Pastoralist grazers and ranchers both are considered to be an extensive kind of grazing but the main difference between pastoralist grazers and ranchers is that pastoralist grazing is mainly related to extensive grazing by a community or group of any land under communal ownership whereas on the other hand ranchers stands for private ownership. Among both I strongly believe that pastoralist grazers is better for the grassland because it is an extensive form of grazing by group or community of an land under communal ownership instead of private which is considered to be better for grassland. References

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