Question: How does what a movie earns relate to its run

How does what a movie earns relate to its run time? Will audiences pay more for a longer film? Does the relationship depend on the type of film? The scatterplot shows the relationship for the films in Exercise between U. S. Gross earnings and Run Time. Dramas are plotted with purple dots, comedies with green squares, horror/ thriller/ action films with blue diamonds, and adventure movies with orange crosses. Regression lines have been drawn for each type of movie.
a) In what ways is the relationship between run times and U. S. Gross similar for the four kinds of films?
b) How do the gross receipts of adventure films (the red line on top) differ from those of comedies (the green line below the red)? Discuss both the slopes and the intercepts.
c) The film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the purple point in the upper right. If it were omitted from this analysis, how might that change your conclusions about dramas?

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