Question: How important are birdies a score of one under par

How important are birdies (a score of one under par on a given golf hole) in determining the final total score of a woman golfer? From the U.S. Women's OpenWeb site, we obtained data on number of birdies during a tournament and final score for 63 women golfers. The data are presented on the WeissStats CD.
a. Obtain a scatterplot for the data.
b. Decide whether finding a regression line for the data is reasonable. If so, then also do parts (c)–(f).
c. Determine and interpret the regression equation for the data.
d. Identify potential outliers and influential observations.
e. In case a potential outlier is present, remove it and discuss the effect.
f. In case a potential influential observation is present, remove it and discuss the effect.

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