• What kind of services can I get?

      Solution Inn is a community of online workers providing all kind of freelance services-------All done remotely.
    • Web and Software Development
    • Design and Media
    • Mobile Application
    • Sales and marketing
    • Engineering and Science
    • Business, Accounting and Finance
    • Writing and Translation
    • Art and Literature
    • Legal Issues
    • We have helped thousands of businesses and individuals to find what they need. We are meeting their needs from simple data entry work to stunning website designs. Our talented Freelancers are ready to start today---Super fast with guaranteed results.
  • Who will provide best work to me?

      You will start getting bids from skilled freelancers as soon as you post the requirements. Freelancers are proficient, time efficient and quality checked who are eagerly waiting to provide you freelance services. You can evaluate the freelancers on following factors.
    • Profile and portfolio
    • Jobs completed
    • Clients Feedback
    • Freelancer ratings
    • Compare and evaluate different freelancers, manage work remotely and keep everything on track. Carefully screen out strongest bidders and choose a perfect match for the job.
  • How can I pay here?

      While posting job you are asked to select payment type i.e. hourly payments or fixed payments. In either case your payments will be secured through Solution Inn escrow protection. Escrow protection works according to the following phenomenon
    • Hiring amount will be transferred to the Solution Inn escrow the moment you hire freelancer.
    • Hiring amount remains safe and secure in Solution Inn escrow and will only be transferred to the freelancer once you approve the work.
    • All payments are protected through our secure system which allows users to pay using following payment methods.
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer
  • How Am I protected?

      Solution Inn welcomes every user to one of the most safe and sound online working platform.
    • Say Hello to your escrow account where you can deposit funds to make payments to more than one freelancer.
    • Remember you will only pay freelancer for the approved work.
    • Disputes are uncommon because working relationship between client and freelancer are normally sound and steady, however if any dispute arises, Solution Inn arbitrators are always there to help you in getting through any roadblock. So you are always protected.