Question: Huxley Company incurs the following expenditures which may be capital

Huxley Company incurs the following expenditures, which may be capital expenditures or operating expenditures:
a. Cost of installing machinery
b. Cost of moving machinery
c. Repairs as a result of an accident
d. Cost of major overhaul
e. Installation of safety device required as a result of OSHA inspection
f. Property taxes on land and buildings
g. Replacement of the roof on a Escrow building that extended the life of the building
h. Cost of rearranging offices expected to increase operational efficiency
i. Cost of annual repainting of offices
j. Ordinary repairs
1. How would Huxley record each of the expenditures under U.S. GAM'?
2. How would your answers change if Huxley uses 1FRS?

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