Question: Identify and correct the errors in the following passages Company s

Identify and correct the errors in the following passages.
Company’s are finding it to their advantage to cultivate their suppliers. Partnerships between a company and it’s suppliers can yield hefty payoffs for both company and supplier. One example is Bailey Controls an Ohio headquartered company. Bailey make control systems for big factories. They treat suppliers almost like departments of their own company. When a Bailey employee passes a laser scanner over a bins bar code the supplier is instantly alerted to send more parts.
Entrepreneur Trip Hawkins appears in Japanese ads for the video game system his company designed. “It plugs into the future! he says in one ad, in a cameo spliced into shots of U.S kids playing the games. Hawkins is one of several US celebrities and business people whom plug products on Japanese TV. Jodie Foster, Harrison ford, and Charlie Sheen advertises canned coffee beer and cigarettes respectively.
Mid size firms employing between 100 and 1000 people represent only 4% of companies in the U.S.; but create 33% of all new jobs. One observe attributes their success to their being small enough to take advantage of economic opportunity’s agilely, but big enough to have access to credit and to operate on a national or even international scale. The biggest hiring area for midsize company’s is wholesale and retail sales (38% of jobs), construction (20% of jobs, manufacturing (19% of jobs), and services (18 of jobs).

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