Identify each of the following costs in terms of its
Identify each of the following costs in terms of its cost behavior-variable, fi xed, mixed, or step.
a. The cost of coffee beans at a Starbucks shop
b. Depreciation of airplanes at Southwest Airlines
c. Nurses' wages at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, assuming a ratio of one nurse to every five patients
d. Electricity cost at a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store
e. The cost of hard drives installed in computers built by Dell
f. Store managers' salaries at Barnes and Noble bookstores
g. Actors' wages and salaries at Paramount Studios, when the star is paid a base amount plus a percentage of box office receipts
h. The cost of fabric used in making shirts at Lands' End
i. The cost of cookies provided to guests at check-in at Doubletree Hotels
j. The cost of a national advertising campaign for Burger King

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