Identify the transactions from the following story. For each, identify the transactions as operating, investing, or financing.
Bonnie Lawhon decided to start a business for herself breeding AKC miniature dachshunds. As a talented breeder who gave puppies to her friends and family, she decided to open a small kennel with $6,500 of her own money. She received common stock in exchange. The business had concrete poured and fences installed to give the dogs and puppies shelter at a cost of $3,250, paid in cash. Then, Bonnie’s business hired a consultant to design and maintain a Web page for the company at a cost of $200 for the original design and $25 per month maintenance. She paid for the design and one month’s maintenance fee. The business required a separate mobile phone to be purchased at a cost of $169 cash. Then, the business put an advertisement in the local newspaper, at a cost of $20 per month for weekly ads. The business paid cash for one month’s advertising. The business was ready to go.

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