Question: Identify the weaknesses in the following problem statements Is the

Identify the weaknesses in the following problem statements.
Is the problem narrow enough?
Can a solution be found in a semester or quarter?
What organization could implement any recommendations to solve the problem?
Could the topic be limited or refocused to yield an acceptable problem statement?
1. One possible report topic I would like to investigate would be the differences in women’s intercollegiate sports in our athletic conference.
2. How to market products effectively to college students.
3. Should web banners be part of a company’s advertising?
4. How can U.S. and Canadian students get jobs in Europe?
5. We want to explore ways our company can help raise funds for the Open Shelter. We will investigate whether collecting and recycling glass, aluminum, and paper products will raise enough money to help.
6. How can XYZ University better serve students from traditionally underrepresented groups?
7. What are the best investments for the next year?

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