Question: Identify which of the major fundamental principles responsibilities performance or

Identify which of the major fundamental principles (responsibilities, performance, or reporting) is most closely related to each of the following:
a. The need for auditors to consider their financial relationships with prospective clients. b. An auditor has raised some questions with respect to management’s response to various inquiries concerning pending litigation facing the client.
c. The auditors’ consideration of the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control on the nature, timing, and extent of substantive procedures.
d. The auditors’ evaluation of the magnitude of a misstatement that would impact per-ceptions of the entity’s profitability.
e. The auditors’ issuance of a disclaimer of opinion because of a significant scope limitation.
f. Relevant education and experience requirements for CPA licensure.
g. The inability of an audit examination to provide absolute assurance with respect to detecting all material misstatements.
h. The requirement that auditors possess the skills and knowledge of others in their profession.
i. The preparation of a written audit plan that guides the conduct of the audit engagement.
j. The auditors’ issuance of a qualified opinion because of a departure from GAAP.

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