Identify which question each of the following ratios helps answer.
1. Is the business a going concern?
2. How is the business earning a net income or loss?
3. Where is the business getting its money and can it pay its debt obligations?
4. How is the business investing its money and is it using its assets efficiently?
5. Is the business generating enough net income to reward the stockholders for the use of their money?
_____ a Inventory turnover
_____ b Debt ratio
_____ c Return on equity
_____ d Fixed asset turnover
_____ e Quick ratio
_____ f Return on assets
_____ g Gross profit percentage
_____ h Accounts receivable turnover
_____ i Current ratio
_____ j Earnings per share
_____ k Interest coverage ratio
_____ l Net income percentage
_____ m Cash conversion cycle
_____ n Dividends per share
_____ o Total asset turnover

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