If you are having a stroke it is critical that
If you are having a stroke, it is critical that you get medical attention right away. Immediate treatment may minimize the long-term effects of a stroke and even prevent death. A major U. S. city reported that there was a 1 in 250 chance of the patient not having long-term memory problems after suffering a stroke. That is, for a person suffering a stroke in the city, P(no memory problems) = 1/250 = .004. This very high chance of memory problems was attributed to many factors associated with large cities that affected response times, such as heavy traffic, the misidentification of addresses, and the use of cell phones, which results in emergency personnel not being able to obtain an address. The study documented the 1/250 probability based on a study of 15,000 requests for assistance by stroke victims.
a. Provide a relative frequency interpretation of the .004 probability.
b. The value .004 was based on the records of 15,000 requests for assistance from stroke victims. How many of the 15,000 victims in the study had long-term memory problems? Explain your answer.
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