Illustrative examples accompanying IAS 38 provide nine examples of acquired intangibles and how their useful Jives should be assessed. The examples are as follows:
1. An acquired customer list
2. An acquired patent that expires in 15 years
3. An acquired copyright that has a remaining legal life of 50 years
4. An acquired broadcasting licence that expires in five years
5. A broadcasting licence that is not renewed by the licensing authority
6. An acquired airline route between two European cities that expires in three years
7. An acquired trademark used to identify and distinguish a consumer product that has been a market leader for the last eight years
8. A trademark acquired 10 years ago that distinguishes a leading consumer product
9. A trademark for a line of products that was acquired several years ago in a business combination
Take one of the examples above, as assigned by your instructor. Apply the general principles of IAS 3 8 to support the guidance given. Present your findings to the class.

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