Question: Imagine that job hunting has been going so well that

Imagine that job hunting has been going so well that you need to develop a system to support your efforts. The system should allow you to input information about the companies with which you interview, the interviews and office visits that you have scheduled, and the offers that you receive. It should be able to produce reports, such as a company contact list, an interview schedule, and an office visit schedule, as well as generate thank-you letters to be brought into a word processor to customize. You also need the system to answer queries, such as the number of interviews by city and your average offer amount.

1. Determine the number of inputs, outputs, interfaces, files, and queries that this system requires. For each element, determine whether the complexity is low, medium, or high. Record this information on a worksheet similar to the one in Figure 2A-2.
2. Calculate the total function points for each line on your worksheet by multiplying the number of each element with the appropriate complexity score.
3. Sum up the total unadjusted function points.
4. Suppose that the system will be built by you using Visual Basic (VB). Given your VB skills, multiply the TUFP score by the APC score that best estimates how complex the system will be for you to develop (.65 = simple, 1 = average, 1.35 = complex), and calculate a TAFP value.
5. Using the table in Figure 2A-3, determine the number of lines of code that correspond to VB. Multiply this number by the TAFP to find the total lines of code that your system will require.

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