Question: Imagine that you and your classmates are a research team

Imagine that you and your classmates are a research team developing an improved process for evaluating loan applicants for automobile purchases. The goal of the research is to predict which applicants will become delinquent or forfeit their loan. Those who score well on the application will be accepted, and those who score exceptionally well will be considered for lower-rate loans. Prepare a brief report for your instructor addressing these questions:
a. What data do you need for each loan applicant?
b. What data might you need that is not typically requested on a loan application form?
c. Where might you get this data?
d. Take a first cut at designing a database for this application.
Using the material in this chapter on designing a database, draw the logical structure of the relational tables for this proposed database. In your design, include the data attributes you believe are necessary for this database and show the primary keys in your tables. Keep the size of the fields and tables as small as possible to minimize required disk drive storage space. Fill in the database tables with the sample data for demonstration purposes (ten records). After your design is complete, implement it using a relational DBMS.

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