Immediate-release medications quickly deliver their drug content, with the maximum concentration reached in a short time; sustained-release medications, on the other hand, take longer to reach maximum concentration. As part of a study, immediaterelease codeine (irc) was compared with sustainedrelease codeine (src) using 13 healthy patients. The patients were randomly assigned to one of the two types of codeine and treated for 2.5 days; after a 7-day washout period, each patient was given the other type of codeine.Thus, each patient received both types.The total amount (A) of drug available over the life of the treatment in (ng . mL)/hr follows:
a. Explain why this is a paired-difference design.
b. What adjustment is needed since there is no Asrc for patient 6? Is there a significant difference in the total amount of drug available over the life of the treatment?
c. Check the test assumptions and describe your findings.
d. Test the claim using a = 0.05

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