Question: Improve the content of these passages from job cover letters

Improve the content of these passages from job cover letters. You may need to add content.
1. My internship gave me lots of experience for this job.
2. My job duties at Saxon Sport were to create displays, start an employee newsletter, and on weekends I was part of the sales staff.
3. While at San Fernando State, I participated in lots of activities. I played intramurals in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and volley ball. I was treasurer and then president of the Marketing Club. I was in the Gaffers’ Guild, where I made 0blown-glass creations. I was also in Campus Democrats.
4. I will be in Boston for a family reunion June 23–25 and will drop by your office then for an interview.
5. I feel any of my bosses would tell you that I try hard and pay attention to to detail.
6. I wish to apply for your job as a computer programmer. I have a computer science minor and two summers of sales experience at Best Buy in their computer department.
7. I am a very hard worker. In fact, I have a reputation for finishing the jobs of other workers.

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