Question: In 1796 Gottfried Christoph H rtel a German music publisher calculated

In 1796, Gottfried Christoph Härtel, a German music publisher, calculated the cost of printing music using an engraved plate technology and used these estimated cost functions to make production decisions. Härtel figured that the fixed cost of printing a musical page—the cost of engraving the plates—was 900 pfennigs. The marginal cost of each additional copy of the page is 5 pfennigs (Scherer, 2001).
a. Graph the total cost, average total cost, average variable cost, and marginal cost functions.
b. Is there a cost advantage to having only one music publisher print a given composition? Why?
c. Härtel used his data to do the following type of analysis. Suppose he expects to sell exactly 300 copies of a composition at 15 pfennigs per page of the composition. What is the greatest amount the publisher is willing to pay the composer per page of the composition?

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