Question: In 1990 I led a consulting team for a major

In 1990, I led a consulting team for a major development project for the U.S. Army. The goal was to replace eight existing systems used on virtually every Army base across the United States. The as-is process and data models for these systems had been built, and our job was to identify improvement opportunities and develop to-be process models for each of the eight systems.
For the first system, we selected a group of mid-level managers (captains and majors) recommended by their commanders as being the experts in the system under construction. These individuals were the first and second line managers of the business function. The individuals were expert at managing the process, but did not know the exact details of how the process worked.
The resulting to-be process model was very general and nonspecific. Alan Dennis

Suppose you were in charge of the project. Create an interview schedule for the remaining seven projects.

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