In 2000 the GSS asked whether a subject is willing to accept cuts in the standard of living to help the environment (GRNSOL), with categories (vw = very willing, fw = fairly willing, nwu = neither willing nor unwilling, nvw = not very willing, nw = not at all willing). When this was cross-tabulated with gender (SEX), as shown below, X2 = 8.0.
a. What are the hypotheses for the test to which X2 refers?
b. Report r and c and the df value on which X2 is based.
c. Is the P-value less than (i) 0.05? (ii) 0.10? Explain.
d. What conclusion would you make, using a significance level of (i) 0.05 and (ii) 0.10? State your conclusion in the context of this study.

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