Question: In 2001 Joseph Toscano who was employed as the general

In 2001, Joseph Toscano, who was employed as the general manager of a Fields Pianos store in Santa Ana, was very unhappy with his job and decided to find other employment. Toscano contacted Michael Greene, the president of San Diego­based Greene Music, because he had heard that Greene was considering buying Fields's Riverside store. During the course of several conversations in June and July of 2001, Michael Greene offered Toscano a sales management position with Greene to start on September 1, 2001. On August 1, 2001, Toscano resigned from Fields in reliance on Michael Greene's promise of employment. In mid-August, however, Greene with- drew the employment offer. Toscano later found lower-paying jobs; the first at a piano store in Mission Viejo and then at another piano store in Utah. Toscano sued Greene for promissory estoppel. Should Toscano prevail on his claim for promissory estoppel? Why or why not?

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