In 2007, data from two Youth Risk Behavior Surveys were analyzed to investigate seatbelt use among high school students ages 16 or older. The results were published in the September 2008 issue of American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Results (in percents) include the table that follows: If one student is selected at random from this population, what is the probability that the student selected:
a. Always uses a seatbelt when driving and always uses a seatbelt when a passenger?
b. Always uses a seatbelt when driving but not always when a passenger, given that he or she is 18 or older?
c. Does not always use a seatbelt when driving but always does when a passenger, knowing he or she is 16?
d. Always wears a seatbelt when driving?
e. Does not always wear a seatbelt when driving and is 17 years old?

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