Question: In 2009 the voters of Oakland California passed a measure

In 2009, the voters of Oakland, California, passed a measure to tax medical cannabis (marijuana), effectively legalizing it. In 2010, the City Council adopted regulations permitting industrial-scale marijuana farms with no size limits but requiring each to pay a $ 211,000 per year fee. 21 One proposal called for a 100,000 square feet farm, the size of two football fields. Prior to this legalization, only individuals could grow marijuana. These small farmers complained bitterly, arguing that the large firms would drive them out of the industry they helped to build due to economies of scale. Draw a figure to illustrate the situation. Under what conditions (such as relative costs, position of the demand curve, number of low-cost firms) will the smaller, higher-cost growers be driven out of business? (In 2012, the federal government brought an end to this business in Oakland. However, Colorado and Washington state passed laws permitting marijuana sales as of 2013.)

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