Question: In 2010 Congress passed and the President signed into law

In 2010, Congress passed and the President signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordability Act. The act provides for sweeping changes to health care and has been extremely controversial. As a result, at the time this edition of the text went to press, the act and/or various provisions of the act are being considered for rescission or change. To learn more about this act, go to to answer the following questions.

a. What is (are) the purpose(s) of the act?
b. What is the time line for implementation of the provisions of the act (as passed in 2010)?
c. What are some of the act’s provisions that were implemented in 2010?
d. In addition to cost, one of the most controversial provisions of the act relates to the purchase of health insurance. What is this provision (scheduled to be enacted in January 2014), what is the intent of the provision, and why is it so controversial?

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