In 2013 the Northwest Ballet Association NBA a not for profit performing
In 2013, the Northwest Ballet Association (NBA), a not-for-profit performing arts organization, undertook a major capital campaign to fund a new theater, expected to cost $10 million. It was quickly able to raise $6 million, all of which was donor-restricted. It borrowed the balance, issuing a five-year, 8%, term note for $4 million.
During the year, the NBA broke ground on the project and incurred construction costs of $3.4 million. It earned $0.52 million in interest on temporary investments. It incurred and paid $0.32 million in interest on the note. In addition, as required by the note, it placed $0.7 million in a reserve fund (a specially dedicated bank account) for the repayment of the debt.
1. To show how these transactions would be reflected on the NBA’s financial statements, prepare a December 31, 2013, statement of financial position and statement of activities. Assume that these were the only transactions in which the organization engaged, and that all available cash, except that in the reserve fund, had been invested in short-term marketable securities. Be sure to properly classify all resources as either temporarily restricted or unrestricted.
2. Comment briefly on whether the contributions from donors and the proceeds from the bonds should be reported as restricted or unrestricted.
3. Comment briefly on whether the $0.7 million in the reserve fund should be reported as restricted or as unrestricted.
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