In 2015 Tom and Missy form TM Partnership Ltd an
In 2015, Tom and Missy form TM Partnership, Ltd. (an LLLP), to own and operate certain real estate. Tom contributed land, and Missy contributed cash to be used for setting up the entity and creating a plan for developing the property.
Once a development plan was in place, the partnership sold interests in the partnership to investors to raise funds for constructing a shopping center. The partnership incurred expenses of $30,000 for forming the entity and $60,000 for starting the business (e.g., setting up the accounting systems, locating tenants, and negotiating leases). It also paid $5,000 in transfer taxes for changing the ownership of the property to the partnership's name. The brokerage firm that sold the interests to the limited partners charged a 6% commission, which totaled $600,000. The calendar year partnership started business in November 2015. Describe how all of these initial expenses are treated by the partnership.
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